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Galaxy Tab Tutorials

How-To Save or Download YouTube Online Videos on the Galaxy Tab

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videodownloadEveryone loves online videos right? YouTube has made just about everything available online, but sometimes when you are on the go and would like to have a local copy.  There are conversion utilities on the web you can use from your computer to create MP4 files that you can side load to your nookColor.  You copy and paste in the video site URL and it does the conversion for you.  Many of these tools require Java so they aren't useful for doing the whole process on the Galaxy Tab itself (it doesn't support Java applets).

The good news for Galaxy Tab owners there are some websites now that don't require java apps to save videos locally and it's quite easy (and free)!  The steps below will work for Direct Download, YouTube (HQ and HD), Google Video, Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion (HQ), Vimeo (HQ), Metacafe, MyVideo, & Veoh.

1) Visit a video site like on your Tab and Find the video you want to download.
2) Click on the URL at the top.
It will highlight the URL, swipe your finger across it to the right to get to the beginning of the URL.
3) Add
to the front of the YouTube URL. (Don't forget the end slash after .com)
4) Our site will redirect you to the ClipConverter site and pre-select the right options, Just scroll down and Tap "Start"
5) Tap the download link, when finished tap save. You may get a pop-up ad, just close it first.
6) Go to your downloads directory, the video should be there, click to launch it.

I was able to download videos and watch them on my Galaxy Tab, hope it works well for you too! If you find this process on the Tab painful you can do these same steps on your computer and side-load the video file you download.

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How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab to Factory Settings

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Unfortunately it's often required to reset a device but the good news is resetting your Samsung Galaxy Tab back to its Factory settings is pretty easy.  There are two ways to reset you Galaxy Tab to factory settings depending on the condition of your Tab.

My Galaxy Tab mostly works, I just want to "Start Over" or "Reset" it.

  1. On your Galaxy tab navigate toMenu > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset
  2. Confirm you want to reset your device. Tap on the "Reset Phone" option
  3. Tap on the option "Erase Everything" once you are asked regarding cleaning its memory

At this point just wait for the device to reset. If it locks up, try rebooting your Tab by holding the Power button for 10 seconds.

My Galaxy Tab is messed up and I can't even use the menus

This hard reset can be done even if the device won't seem to power on.

  1. Make sure that it is OFF.
  2. Press the Volume Up and Power button simultaneously and hold them for few seconds.
  3. When you see the logo appear, release the Power button (but keep holding the Volume Up button).
  4. Next you'll see a menu where you can use the Volume Up & Volume Down buttons to navigate across. Check the option labeled as Wipe Data / Factory Reset using the Power button.

Moving Galaxy Tab Application to SD Card

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Since applications take up room in your Galaxy Tab's precious base memory you may consider moving some of your lesser used or larger applications to the SD card. That increases the amount of storage you have for your Tab. The type of SD card for Samsung Galaxy Tab is a MicroSD or MicroSDHC card up to 32GB in size.

Deals on 32GB MicroSDHC CardsDeals on 16GB MicroSDHC Cards

Once you have the app installed to your Galaxy Tab just follow these steps to transfer the app to your memory card.  NOTE: once you move apps to the SD card the apps will not work if you remove the memory card.


  1. From the home screen, press the Menu button below the screen.MoveToSDCard
  2. Select Settings
  3. Tap Applications.
  4. Tap Manage Applications.
  5. Tap the application you wish to move.
  6. Tap the Move to SD card button.

If you get an error message "Failed to move application" the app you tried to move is probably included with the ROM of your device and cannot be moved.

If you want to move ALL your apps hit the market and grab "SDMove". After installing just tap Menu > Move Al!

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WiFi Only Samsung Tab Today? Bypass Activation!

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noactivationWhile the Tab doesn't have a wi-fi only option you can don't have to get a data contract.

1) Get an AT&T Tab - No contract required, No data plan activation required. I'm sure about this one; I own it.

2) Try the carrier activation bypass hack.

In what could be the easiest hack ever, Thoughts From the Sidelines is detailing a way to bypass carrier activation. This would effectively giving you a WiFi only Galaxy Tab. They report the steps may take several tries before it works.

  • Press “Volume Up” one time
  • Press “Volume Down” two times
  • Press “Volume Up” three times
  • Press “Volume Down” four times

Don't let the data plan commitment keep you from getting the Tab!

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Setting an Alarm on the Galaxy Tab

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This video covers how to set an alarm on your Galaxy Tab.

Running Android Apps Full Screen on Galaxy Tab

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You've probably noticed that there are apps that don’t scale to full screen.  Thankfully the guys at have some instructions (video tutorial below) on how to enjoy your favorite apps that aren't yet optimized for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7-inch screen in full screen mode.

Here is a summary of the steps outlined in the video. Watch it if you still have questions.

  • Grab the “Spare Parts” app from the Android Market and install it. 
  • Start the “Spare Parts”  app and scroll down to “Compability Mode”. de-select the box and re-select it. Restart your tablet.
  • Start the “Spare Parts” again, go down to “Compatibility Mode” and de-select the box. Restart your tablet.

Good luck, your smaller apps should now be scaled to full-screen!


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